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Brooklyn McTavish is a photographic social psychologist. He infuses fine art photography and social psychology to understand how we as individuals interact with society and how society affects the individual.

Brooklyn holds a Masters in Professional Studies in Digital Photography from The School of Visual Arts, a Bachelor of Art in Psychology, and Sociology from Stony Brook University.  

Brooklyn spends his free time teaching photography and mentoring students at the high school and college levels. It is important to give back to one’s community and share your success as well as your failures with the next generation. We grow as an artist when we have a safe and thoughtful community of support behind us.

As new DNA analysis increasingly shows us how genetically diverse, we really are, the term ethnic diversity takes on a new meaning. It’s no longer just an expression of differences between individuals in our melting-pot culture; it refers to something inside each of us. Through a mixture of art, science, and social paradigms, I want to challenge both our notions of ethnic purity and the self-righteousness and prejudice associated with them. We are more than "The Sum of the Some of Us."


Office: 917.634.5438

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